We are most in need of 10 acres of land in the south Salt Lake Valley, near Bluffdale, or Northern Utah County, near Lehi; really anything with 10+ acres and easy access off I-15 for our folks in Salt Lake and Utah County. If someone was able to donate the land, or help us get it at a reasonable price, we are confident we could begin building this beautiful spiritual oasis very soon! We need help from a generous heart who can help make our dream a reality.

Donations can be made via PayPal on this site, or by contacting Fr Justin directly. You can contact Fr Justin Havens at 801-750-9183(cell), or frjustinh@sppoc.org.

Thank you,
Fr Justin Havens.


The Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Christian Church is located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. We call the Orthodox Church the spiritual hospital; it's the hospital of our souls and has been healing and changing the lives of people for 2,000 years. The parishioners of Saints Peter and Paul are the Church and are the best part of our Church. We are very blessed to be a manifestation of what the Gospel tells us to do in our community and that's why we've seen such a huge growth. On an average Sunday we welcome well over 200 people at 90% capacity in our Church. With this growth, we are looking for a new place of worship that will accommodate our growing community. See more